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by Michigan Steamship Company. (59.79 metres) long, single screw, intended for service in the Baltic, it would seem. Per 1 (ex eBay, copper plate drawing, which was surely ex a Wear Dockyard Ltd. But her forward momentum was such that the ship ran aground.


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A photocopy of a painting depicting Lanoma on Chesil Beach exists in Launceston Library, Tasmania. I didn't know, but Capt. 3 (image, Seamew 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). which company was owned by 'James Westoll Ltd.' Westoll of Sunderland, a company noted for transporting coal on the. A site search facility THE guest book - GO here william naisby AND HIS family - an article by Peter Mayes (William Naisby was Peter's great great grandfather) In the latter half of the eighteenth century, the Naisby family were farming at Crawcrook, a village. 3, 1941 the vessel was damaged by a mine, off Bar Lightship (River Mersey at Liverpool). Only one of the many voyages you will see is Rogate 2 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Ltd., of Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland, (Hugh Hogarth Sons the managers?) (i.e. Long, attained a speed at trials of 10 knots, 90 HP, signal letters vlqg. 1994, to Melalohari Hellenic Tugboats, of Piraeus, Greece, later that year to 'Aghios Spyridon Shipping. And in 1939, was sold to 'A. 6., speed of 9 1/2 or 10 knots. Electricity industry in 1948, Coastwise went into liquidation. (just 12 vessels it would seem, the first vessel being numbered #100). It was sold again, in 1961, to 'C. General made similar runs to Bordeaux, France, Cadiz, Spain, it would seem. 28, 1963 was towed to a Lisbon, Portugal, shipyard by salvage tug Praia da Adraga to effect repairs. A part at least of that history would surely be contained in a small 1954 volume of oblong format, published by 'S. The WWW record for this ship is modest indeed. The weather conditions were, I have read, appalling - high rough seas, blizzard conditions, zero visibility - however the Inquiry Report does not describe it as being as bad as that all sounds. Have read no details as to the circumstances or outcome. of London, the managers. In 1913, in 1919 also, the vessel would seem to have been owned by 'Steamship Carbon., Ltd.' of Sydney, Nova Scotia with Dominion Coal. Out of register in 1896. Whose aircraft attacked, in clear visibility, a ship of a neutral country, a ship which had the word 'switzerland' in giant letters freshly painted on its sides? She was re-floated in mid April, towed to Helsinki, eroottinen fantasia potenssilääkkeet netistä was repaired (took a whole year). Captain Osterman (most probably Ostermann) Ostermann to be her first captain. In 1937, the vessel was sold again, to 'Highbury Steamship. It seemed at first likely that Frederick. One of her anchors is today exhibited on the cliffs above the beach. 85 Bowcombe 2760 tons Hull Colwyn Bowcombe Hanna 1943 A collier. Broken up at Bilbao, Spain, in Q3 of 1937. There seems to be virtually no WWW data about this vessel. Of Panama, Republic of Panama, with A/B. english dating sites in spain rauma

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